Oona Fredrick was a student at Athalia Academy created and played by Animelover_princess.


  • Gender: female
  • Species/Race: Selkie
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair Color: white
  • Eye Color: bright emerald green
  • Skin Color: a pale ivory
  • Figure: inverted triangle


Oona can change form into any water based life-form (within reason) mainly fish and the like, if she has a piece of the creature (for example if she wants to become a trout she needs a trout scale, or a sea turtle she needs a claw or something. Only water based life-forms! and she can only take on the form of magic sea creatures, mermaids, naiads, ext, with the help of one of those creatures (in other words she needs a live, and willing, mermaid there to take the form of a mermaid) but she doesn't have the powers of those creatures (control of water for Naiad or whatever) just the physical attributes, however can come in useful because she becomes the natural size of the creature as well. she doesn't require anything to turn back into herself


Fire of course, doesn't get the powers of magical creatures she becomes, has to have something of the creature to become it, poisons affect her more then they would a human, and anything that can kill a fish can kill her. She HAS to get into clean water (chlorinated doesn't work) every week or so or she begins to dry out and can lead to death very quickly, (can substitute short dips and sponge baths and the like but requires it far more frequently if she does so)


a generally very active and friendly girl, likes to show off her powers, but doesn't get much chance as anything worth showing off (like a whale) is either hard to find the object required to change, or she can't find a space big enough. She is also very protective of her friends, some times it appears clingy, which can turn people off from hanging out with her too much, She is a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl. she isn't very good with technology but would like to learn more about it (hence the reason she's taking computer class)


Oona's mother was a selkie but her father wasn't (there are no male selkies). Oona is her parent's 4th child, having 3 older brothers. none of her brothers had powers. Her mother doted on her and she was her father's pride and joy. This, in combination with her powers, caused her brothers to resent her. the boys started by simply playing pranks on her, but many were caught and fixed before the could even be pulled. they got angrier and hated her more as she grew, as her powers got stronger and she got even more of their parent's and friends and family's attention. Oona didn't really know this till she was a teen and the boys started playing dangerous pranks on, After one particular prank landed her in the emergency room and there were too many questions about the girl's unique anatomy that she couldn't answer the family moved and Oona was sent to Athalia, to protect her.

However, in the attack on Athalia Academy she was seriously injured and presumed dead.


  • Computers
  • Swim
  • Sculpting

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Rock Candy - "My parents got me some at an amusement park once and I just loved it, they get it for me for all my birthdays and the like now."
  • Hate: Any Fish - "For obvious reasons, as I can become any of them it's very weird, my mom has the same feelings."
  • Mixed: Blood Pudding - "My dad's European and we went to see his mom once, she made it for us, it wasn't half-bad but I certainly didn't like it."

Theo's One Word Test

  1. What are you? Selkie.
  2. How do you see yourself? Awesome.
  3. What is your personality? Friendly.
  4. Where would you like to be most right now? Sea.
  5. Why? Home.
  6. What is your purpose? Learn.
  7. Who are your friends? Everyone.
  8. Why? Friendly.
  9. What do you consider most important to you? Family.
  10. Do you have any regrets right now? No.
  11. What would you like to do in the future? Act.
  12. Why? Fame.
  13. What makes you angry? Dishonesty.
  14. Why? Crap.
  15. What makes you happy? Happiness.
  16. Why? Infectuous.
  17. What was the most important memory for you? Selkie.
  18. How has that memory shaped you as a person? Worth.
  19. What are you lacking right now? Family.
  20. Do you intend to do anything about it? No.






This song more fits Oona's attitude to those around (the tone and the tune more then the actual words.

ハワユ - Hello, How are you - -OLiVER- -VOCALOID COVER- -HD-04:49

ハワユ - Hello, How are you - -OLiVER- -VOCALOID COVER- -HD-






This Video more fits Oona's inside emotions as well as the feelings she gets from her brothers (who hate her).

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