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"NarayanK" is the Roleplayer Guild username of an Athalia Academy player and former co-Game Master (GM), who is the creator and player of a multitude of characters, story arcs, and non-canon entertainment shows.

When on Athalia Etherpads, he appears usually as just NarayanK, but sometimes variously as "Optimus Prime", "Megatron", "Captain Falcon", "Ganondorf", "NK", "Super NK", and various other handles. He is generally referred to as "NK".

Currently Active Characters

Currently Inactive Characters

  • Pace O. Shazt
  • Reggie
  • Cain
  • The Girl in the Subway
  • Kain End'rana
  • Nikola T. Lovelock
  • Nathaniel G. Terotrax
  • Jeanne R. Cortez
  • Jihan Bang
  • Bang Constantine
  • RY-1 Ryuu Clone

Yet to be Active Characters

  • Basura
  • Ico
  • Lovecraft
  • Kyle Belle
  • Sarina Marovalin
  • Kanon Matsushita

Non-Canon Entertainment Shows

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