The Athalia universe is centered entirely around individuals with supernatural abilities, both in the students and teachers of Athalia Academy and the forces of Hell. This is a list of the supernatural abilities present in the Athalia universe, with links to corresponding pages on the Power Listing wikia.

A-Z by Power

A-Z by User

  • Alistair - Illusion Manipulation, Subliminal Messaging, Will-O'-The-Wisp Physiology
  • Allan Lynch - Dark Fire Breath, Western Dragon Physiology
  • Andromeda Barker - Gorgon Mimicry
  • Anedine Anceril - Animal Manipulation, Elven Physiology, Vine Generation
  • Ara Glaisyer - Multiple Lives (A and B), Power Replication (B)
  • Bael - Demonic Physiology, Spell Casting
  • Brako Rackshaw - Western Dragon Physiology
  • Caleb Waterfront - Shapeshifting
  • Carmen Calandra - Death Song, Enhanced Memory, Siren Song, Sleep Inducement, Sound Manipulation, Telekinesis
  • Clarisse Burgundy - Magic, Spell Casting, Teleportation
  • Criston Cross - Electricity Manipulation
  • Cyrus Bane - Vector Manipulation
  • Dani Hart - Animal Possession, Disease Immunity, Ghost Physiology, Object Possession, Immortality
  • Darwin Indigo - Flight, Rainbow Manipulation, Unicorn Physiology
  • Derek Keelan - Acid Breath, Atmospheric Adaptation, Dermal Armor, Enhanced Synesthesia, Natural Weaponry, Light Manipulation, Western Dragon Physiology
  • Drow Winterfield - Electricity Manipulation
  • Eric Penwright - Drawing Creation
  • Garvenialiam Inegeniumegi - Plant Manipulation
  • Gehenna/Dendus - Energy Beam Emission
  • Goo - Acid Breath
  • Isolde Camarada - Western Dragon Physiology
  • Issender Archus-Essev - Corvid Physiology, Solar Manipulation
  • Katherine Argall - Floortilting
  • Kiwi - Insect Manipulation
  • Leroy Yew - Enchanted Artistry
  • Liam Ross - Immortality, Zombie Physiology
  • Lilith - Enhanced Agility, Kiss of Death, Succubus Physiology
  • Lily Brightendale - Angelic Aura, Energy Ball Projection, Wound Transferral
  • Lion - Enhanced Roar
  • Little Feather - Summoning
  • Lucifer - Healing (reverse), Hellfire Manipulation, Lava Breath, Summoning
  • Luna - Ice Manipulation, Lagomorph Physiology, Lunar Empowerment, Water Manipulation
  • Lynn - Enhanced Strength, Ghost Physiology, Holy Fire Manipulation
  • Maria Ann Cross - Electricty Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Magic, Spell Casting
  • Matthew Terrison - Fire Manipulation, Phoenix Physiology, Immortality
  • Melanie Slaughter - Blood Manipulation, Flight, Night Vision, Spider Physiology
  • Mercedes Jasmine Clueman - Angelic Physiology, Chi Augmentation, Force-Field Generation, Wound Transferral
  • Michael - Enhanced Agility (human form), Enhanced Strength (human form), Healing, Holy Fire Manipulation, Summoning, White Light Manipulation
  • Mizuki "Kelly Miyabi" - Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Thievery, Fox-Fire Manipulation, Hair Manipulation, Kitsune Physiology, Lunar Empowerment, Night Vision, Regenerative Healing Factor, Sleep Inducement
  • Nami Kanine - Video-Game Mimicry
  • Nathaniel G. Terotrax - Sound Manipulation
  • Nike Festinatio - Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Speed
  • Nikola T. Lovelock - Enhanced Intelligence, Gadget Usage
  • Oona Fredrick - Animal MorphingRyuu Yamauchi - Plasma Manipulation
  • Seven Minoette - Bakeneko Physiology, Invisibility
  • Sharada Rai - Dance Combat, Pyric Spectrum Manipulation
  • Tora Yamauchi - Enhanced Combat, Fire Manipulation, Tiger Physiology, Zombie Physiology
  • Tori - Angelic Physiology, Dimensional Travel
  • Vanessa Dile - Corvid Physiology, Invisibility, Umbrakinetic Constructs
  • Xanthus - Darkness Manipulation, Night Vision
  • Yevon - Ice Manipulation
  • Yuki Winters - Ice Manipulation
  • Yutaka Ito - Cloth Manipulation, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Vision
  • Zaelyn - Adaptive Power Replication, Demonic Physiology
  • Zonon Borshenk - Age Manipulation, Nephilim Physiology

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