"FaithsRose" is the Roleplayer Guild username of Athalia Academy 's co-co-GM and creator/player of Caleb "Crash" Waterfront, Mercedes "Mercy" Jasmine Clueman, Sacqui "Little Feather" Shikoba, Lion, and Derek Keelan.

After roleplaying on Athalia Etherpads, FaithsRose adopted the name "Beast" after being called that for staying awake for long periods of time. Currently holds the completely meaningless Etherpad title of "Chair of the Glomping Department" Generally referred to as "Beast" or "Faith"/"Faiths"

This polite roleplayer is the ultimate sacrificial knight, often found online at odd hours in order to roleplay with the fellow players. It is unknown when the Beast truly sleeps if at all.

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