The Cross Family is a large and diverse family tree part of the Athalia Academy canon created entirely by HylianRose.

Marcus Cross

That white haired guy by suzu1chi-d4w0o5b

Credit goes to original artist.


"Heh... Hehehe...Hahahaha...HAHAHAH! It's... funny. Because you... You honestly think you can win."


Father to Maria, Sarah, Zero, and Cedric.

Brother to Jonathon.

Husband to Lauren.

Lauren Parish Cross


Credit goes to original artist.


"Weak minded is the man who thinks he is subject to fate. I create my own fate even if it means cutting down everything in my path."


Mother to Maria, Sarah, Zero, and Cedric.

Wife to Marcus

Only child

Jonathon Cross


Credit goes to original artist.

"Once a Cross, always a Cross. Well, unless we say so."


Father to Zena, Phillip, and Dimitri.

Brother to Marcus

Husband to Cassandra

[Will be continued later...]

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