This is a complete timeline of events that have taken place in the Athalia universe. For more detailed information on a specific timeframe, see the specific articles linked throughout this one.

  • ca. 3000 B.C.: Mira Kaur is born in India.
  • ca. 2900 B.C.: Mira achieves moksha and becomes the Kali Rana, a Jivanmukta liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
  • ca. 2600 B.C.: Kali Rana leaves India for Egypt.
  • ca. 1170 A.D.: Queen Cordelia of Vox Domini joins forces with Kottstania and instigates the Siege of Oasari, successfully invading the country and causing Empress Anastasia of Oasari (the primary target of the Siege) to disappear.
  • February 1692-May 1693: The Salem Witch Trials occur on Earth. These trials were actually crusades against all magical beings, which prompted The Originator to hide Lavanya in a pocket dimension, free from the persecution of the outside world. The Originator then heavily edited the outside world's history to erase the true purpose of the trials and bring the history into line with what we see in textbooks today.
  • 1946: Mizuki, the lunar fox-spirit, is born in Japan.
  • April 22, 1963: Garren Athalia establishes Athalia Academy in Lavanya as an institution for beings with supernatural abilities.
  • 1977: Maria Cross is born.
  • 1988: Another supernatural academy in Lavanya, Kamasyia Academy, is founded.
  • 1989: Kamasyia Academy is dismantled and replaced with Parithon Academy, which is also dismantled within the year.
  • 1990: Kalmaysia Academy is founded, and the students who began at Kamasyia and filtered through Parithon end up here.
  • 1994: Kalmaysia is dismantled, with many of its students (including Lily Brightendale and Matthew Terrison) transferring to the now seven-year-old Athalia Academy.
  • 1998: Maria Cross takes over as Principal of Athalia Academy.
  • 2016: Sharos Academy is established as a second supernatural school.
  • August 2, 2018:
  • August 3, 2018:
    • The next morning, after everything from the night before is miraculously repaired, a small invasion force from Hell led by Apophis arrives and completely destroys the Academy, with no (player) student deaths.
    • Maria Cross, the school's principal, decides to send the students on a vacation while the Academy is repaired.
  • August 5, 2018:
    • Athalia's students arrive at Destiny Island to begin their vacation. (Athalia Academy: Season Two begins)
    • Mercedes Clueman, a teacher commonly known as "Mercy", takes charge and instigates a "Beach Olympics" to keep the students entertained.
    • After the Olympics conclude, students retire to three dojos to train under faculty members.
    • The students conclude the night with games and exploring.
  • August 6, 2018:
    • On the morning of the second day, Caleb Waterfront accidentally releases Fate, the trickster goddess.
  • September 10, 2018: Athalia's students return to the freshly rebuilt Academy. Among them are several new faces, including Britnia Humanborn (who arrives the normal way) and Mizuki (who crash lands in the Academy grounds, barely surviving). (Athalia Academy: Season Three begins)
  • September 18, 2018: Fate arrives and genderbends all of the students. Later, Fate is found and the students are returned to their normal state.
  • November 5, 2018: Marcus Cross and his forces attack, destroying the Academy yet again, this time with many casualties. The survivors flee to Pavella, a town in the country of Oasari.
  • December 6, 2018: Construction is begun on a new Athalia Academy in Pavella.
  • December 25, 2021: The handful of former Athalia students left celebrate a white Christmas in the town square. (Legends of Lavanya Christmas Special)
  • July 22, 2023: Construction is completed and the new Academy is officially opened.
  • November 2023 (alternate timeline (Legends of Lavanya)):
    • Maria Cross hires Vikki Miller to help her take everyone who's willing on a campaign to defeat Marcus Cross, who now controls everything in Lavanya besides Oasari.
    • The large group, which includes several new faces (who weren't Athalia students), splits off into two simultaneous campaigns. Vikki leads a large group that sets sail for Elaniel and whose goal is to reach Xiuhcoatl, where Maria is waiting with dragon reinforcements. Prometheus leads a smaller group that traverses Oasari's Dimensional Gate and heads for Europe to find an Elemental Sword. Meanwhile, Carmen Calandra goes to find another Elemental Sword in an Oasarian temple on her own.
    • Vikki's group encounters a sea monster, whom they fight and eventually befriend after breaking a mind control spell on it. They learn that the sea monster and its mermaid friend are Atlantians, who offer to get the Athalians to their destination quicker if they help the Atlantians defeat an underwater evil plaguing their city. Those that accept the offer are turned into mermaids and head with the Atlantians toward the underwater threat.
    • TBW (to be written)
  • November 2023 (dystopian timeline (Link to the Past)): Lucifer and Volk Baron join together and destroy the Academy (instead of Marcus). They quickly overrun the entire world, and many of the few students left alive have become corrupt. Andromeda Barker is now Lucifer's right-hand woman, Lily Brightendale is corrupted to her father's side, and Carmen Calandra becomes an evil zealot who terrorizes a large portion of the world's population for sport. In the midst of all this, Andromeda from the canon timeline five years ago is sent to this world through a strange portal and must face her new surroundings.
  • 2030: A fifth academy called Saint Valerius Academy is established. It is not a school for supernatural beings, but rather one for the super-rich. Located in northern Europe outside the magical pocket dimension where Lavanya lies, the academy takes place in a pocket of society that gunpowder never reached. While none of its students or faculty have any connection to Athalia, Criston Cross is placed there by Fate. (Knight in Shining Armor roleplay begins)
  • April 7, 2036: Carmen Calandra and Lily Brightendale, now a married couple, attempt to rescue their two children (Rose Calandra and Angel Brightendale), who were kidnapped by a local villain named Giovanni. Their attempt is unsuccessful when one of Giovanni's goons places an ice shard in Lily's heart. (Carlily fanfiction begins)
  • April 2036: While Carmen and Lily attempt to find a solution to Lily's ailment, Rose and Angel are employed as errand girls, going on missions with Vikki Miller to collect parts for Giovanni.
  • 2044: The Black Claw Program is established, which is an unscrupulous laboratory program intended to make non-supernatural people the equals of supernaturals via artificial augmentation. (Black Claw roleplay begins)
  • 4994: After nearly three millenia of life, Carmen dies. (from "The Last Skylark", a short story part of yet separate from the Carlily fanfiction)
  • 7954302: Millions of years after Carmen's death, Lily Brightendale (who is immortal) decides to come down to Earth from an empty Heaven. Possessing a just-deceased man by the name of Gabriel Foster, Lily barely leaves the hospital when everyone in the star system is evac-warped away as the system is completely destroyed by three supernovae occuring at once inside the system's nebula. Lily and Gabriel's sister arrive on a planet called New Athalia, where Data is the planet's AI unit (and presumably responsible for the planet's name).

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