The Yuku

The Athalia Academy Forums is a dedicated Yuku forum website created and run by Driving Park. At the start of Season Three, the roleplay moved here from the Roleplayer Guild. This website was the base of operations for the Athalia Academy roleplay for the duration of Season Three, after which it moved back to the much-improved Guild.

The reason for moving from the Guild was twofold. For one, having an entire forum dedicated solely to the Athalia Academy roleplay provided flexibility and ease of use not possible in the Guild's single thread system, and the Yuku architecture's much more posting options (colored text, etc.) were also a draw. The other main reason was the instability of the Guild, which was worsening leading up to the move. However, the Yuku architecture was not perfect, and when Season Three concluded the Guild's infrastructure had significantly improved to the point where most members wanted to move back.

The website still exists and serves as an archive for the Carlily fanfiction, as well as various ideas for the roleplay discussed in various subforums (especially the Think Tank). One of its most useful functions is the Etherpad Dump thread, which is where deleted text in Athalia's various Etherpads is preserved in pictures.