Athalia Academy: Season Two - Finding Bael is the name of the second "season" of the Athalia Academy roleplaying game, and the second main arc of the Athalia universe canon. It occurs on Destiny Island, a tropical resort island the students are sent to while the Academy is repaired from the events in Season One. Written on both its Roleplayer Guild thread and Etherpads, it took approximately five months to complete and concluded on the night of October 10th, 2014, with the final post by HylianRose as Fate.


  • Students are sent to Destiny Island after Season One concludes and the Academy is in need of repairs.
  • Students familiarize themselves with their houses and the island's attractions, including the bar and the pool.
  • Students participate in a Beach Olympics upon Mercy's cattle call, which includes a game of water balloon dodgeball followed by a crossdressing obstacle course.
  • Students train in the three dojos on the island under the direction of Tora, Yutaka, Mercy, Annie, Melanie, and Madame Serena.
  • Students are called to the resort by Maria in the evening and play several rounds of the King's Game.
  • Students go off in groups and explore the island at night.
  • Students begin the second day as Crash inadvertantly releases Fate, the trickster goddess.

Detailed Summary of Events

[So like. A very detailed summary of the events. With lots of specific details. And stuff.]


  • Ironically, the title has nothing to do with the actual events of the season, as Bael does not appear in it.
  • Most of the season, starting with the Beach Olympics, was done continuously on Etherpads, with massive post chunks being pasted back into the Roleplayer Guild thread after a while. Previously, Etherpads were only occasionally used to do a collaborative post between two players, until Theobromine suggested a mass collaboration post for the Beach Olympics. It is the first season to use pan-player Etherpads, and the two official Athalia pads (the Active Posting Pad and the Archive Pad) were created and introduced during the season, predating the creation of this wiki by approximately four days.
  • Season Two was the last season to be posted on the Roleplayer Guild before the Legends of Lavanya reboot. The roleplay moved to the Athalia Academy Yuku forum for Season Three.

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