Athalia Academy: Season Three - We Found Bael (Sort Of) is the name of the third "season" of the Athalia Academy roleplaying game, and the third main arc of the Athalia universe canon. It occurs back at the freshly rebuilt Academy, and was written entirely on the Athalia Academy Forums.


  • The students return to the Academy after the events of Season Two on Destiny Island and reacquaint themselves to campus life. Making things more interesting is a concurrent influx of new students, such as Britnia Humanborn and Mizuki, as well as new faculty, such as Mystique Orerra.
  • Fate, the trickster goddess, arrives on the scene after having been mistakenly freed at the end of Season Two, and causes all students to be genderbent. Chaos ensues.
  • The original plan was to resolve the genderbend by having someone discover Fate and then move on to planned character arcs including a time travel one, but the roleplay ground to a halt and was put on hiatus while a reboot was constructed (the result being Season Four, introduced under a new title (Legends of Lavanya).

Detailed Summary of Events

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  • Season Three was the only Athalia Academy season to take place on the Athalia Academy Forums. The reason for the switch was the Yuku forum architecture's numerous advantages over the Roleplayer Guild, which at the time was unstable and lacked features. When the season ground to a halt months later, the Guild had been significantly revamped with many features and no stability issues, so it was decided unanimously to move back to the Guild for the Season Four reboot.
  • A total of eight new characters were introduced this season: Mizuki, Lyra Wilhelm, Hikari Unsei, Tsuki Unsei, Britnia Humanborn, Lagus ("X"), Astaroth, and Terra Jagger.

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