Athalia Academy: Season Four - Back on Track is the name of the fourth "season" of the Athalia Academy roleplaying game, and the third main arc of the Athalia universe canon. It occurs in the Oasarian town of Pavella, where a new Academy is built following its destruction by Marcus Cross at the end of Season Three.


Before Season Four, there was already a Season Four - Legends of Lavanya. This season was meant to be the Athalia reboot, begun in spring 2015 and intended to revitalize the roleplay after Season Three slowed to a death crawl. To help accomplish this, new players were allowed to join, and for a while it worked. However, before 2015 was over the roleplay ground to a halt, and even a Christmas Special meant to again rekindle the spark didn't get the roleplay of the ditch it was in.

As a result of this, on the night of Valentine's Day 2016, HylianRose, Driving Park, and NarayanK decided that it might be best to reboot the reboot - to start where Legends of Lavanya started, but go somewhere different with it plot-wise. Thus, the events Legends of Lavanya was relegated to alternate timeline status.