Athalia Academy

Athalia Academy is the centerpiece and namesake of the Athalia universe. Named after Garren Athalia, it was a school for beings of all races and ancestry who possess supernatural abilities. The original Athalia Academy was destroyed in between Seasons Three and Four in an attack by Marcus Cross, and a new one was built in the Oasarian town of Pavella.


[[An in-depth description of everything in (and in including) the Athalia gates goes here. Where it's located, what buildings there are (with pages on the most important ones (e.g. the Student Center)), what the layout is, etc. Pictures, schematics, drawings, and Minecraft worlds all go here.]]


The Athalia Academy supports an Existential Education System, meaning that students of Athalia Academy are given a choice to learn what they want to learn at their own leisure and at any time they want. The education system is supported by the Librarium.

Students are only required to choose which Subject they wish to attend. A list of them below, but not limited to:

  • English (or Language and Literature)
  • Mathematics (of all divisions)
  • Science (of all divisions)
  • History (of all divisions)
  • Artistry (Music, Dance, Visual Arts)
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Advanced ICT
  • Food Technology and Hospitality

The academic achievements that they achieve in their studies are not reflected clearly in Athalia Academy-- resulting in many students preferring to skip classes instead of studying.

"Seriously... I don't understand why they all attend here. Barely any one of them turn up to class-- if not attend at all." - Anonymous (for obvious reasons)


Athalia Academy has a diverse amount of faculty members, each specializing in a different area and teaching different courses (or serving an adult non-teacher role within the Academy).


The students attending Athalia Academy are both the main player characters and the primary focus of the roleplay and the canon as a whole.


Athalia Academy has enemies/villains that occasionally attack it and its students, who mostly come from the ranks of Lucifer in Hell.

  • Apophis
  • Fate
  • Idolon
  • Lilith
  • Lucifer
  • Macbeth
  • Marcus Cross
  • Oculous "Oco"
  • Thane
  • The Footsoldiers (Pace O. Shazt, Kain, Reggie)
  • Volk "Schneider" Baron

Other Characters


Athalia Academy's canon is created by real life players playing their created characters in the Athalia universe. They are known, even to each other, only by their Roleplayer Guild usernames.


See also: Athalia Timeline

Athalia Academy's history is written by the players on the Athalia Academy Forums, with the Roleplayer Guild and private Etherpads being used for the first two seasons. A brief summary of what has occurred so far as well as events preceding the start of the written roleplay are recounted here. As a roleplay, Athalia Academy succeeded the pan-Guild (old and new) Kalmaysia Academy roleplaying game.

Pre-Roleplay Events

[Important events in the canon timeline that occurred before roleplaying began.]

Season One

The new crop of students, some having previously attended Kalmaysia Academy, gets used to their new home and interacts with one another. An evening party in the Student Center goes wrong when a fight breaks out between a dragon and a demon, and the next day three of Hell's footsoldiers and two of Hell's officers attack. After destroying much of the Academy but fortunately none of the students, they retreat back into the underworld to fight another day. A vacation is announced for the battered students while the Academy is rebuilt.

Season Two - Finding Beal

The students and teachers find themselves on Destiny Island for their vacation. After mingling at the bar and the pool, they participate in a "Beach Olympics" with two events: waterballoon dodgeball and a crossdressing obstacle course. They then train in three dojos until nightfall, when Maria calls them to play a "King's Game". After the game concludes, the students go off in groups into the night. In the morning, Crash stumbles upon and inadvertently frees Fate, the trickster goddess.

Season Three - We Found Bael (Sort Of)

Upon returning to the Academy, the existing students and many new arrivals re-acclimate themselves with the campus and the concept of going to class until Fate deals her hand, causing all faculty to disappear and all students to swap genders. Pandemonium ensues.

Season Four - Back on Track and Legends of Lavanya

In the five years that pass between Season Three and Four, the Academy and many of its students are wiped out in an attack by Marcus Cross. The survivors flee to Oasari, a northeastern island nation in the continent of Lavanya (where the Academy is located).

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