The Athalia Academy roleplay takes place in the timeline accepted as canon. Outside of the canon timeline, however, there are many alternate timelines in the Athalia universe that have been referenced, explained in detail or even fleshed out as a spinoff roleplay.

Lovecraft Timelines

A big part of NarayanK's character, Xeneth (Lovecraft), is the 100 different ways he was killed in alternate timelines. Uniquely, he remembers all of them. As this character was scrapped before he was introduced into the canon, these timelines are all non-canon and idea level only, but kept here for archival's sake.

  1. An alternate timeline in which Mizuki declined to become a student, Macbeth does not exist, and Lilith isn't Lucifer's wife.
  2. An alternate timeline in which Apophis kills himself to completely influence Macbeth, resulting in Macbeth conquering the world and creating a dystopia.
  3. An alternate timeline in which Apophis kills Lily Brightendale, Lucifer destroys the Academy, and Macbeth does not exist.
  4. An alternate timeline in which Apophis kills Lucifer and Thane, eats Lilith, dismembers Crash and uses Carmen's trumpet to instantly kill all demon officers.
  5. An alternate timeline in which Apophis dies first and Thane kills Macbeth.
  6. An alternate timeline in which all of the Academy's students are kidnapped, imprisoned and eventually executed in Hell. Apophis is executed for treason, and Idolon sacrifices himself to save Lucifer. Macbeth tries and fails to save the students.
  7. An alternate timeline in which the Academy is not a school but a resistance force on an Earth invaded by Hellspawn.
  8. An alternate timeline almost exactly the same as the 7th, the only difference being that Lovecraft is killed by Thane instead of Apophis.
  9. An alternate timeline in which Jonathan Cross is principal of the Academy and Apophis corrupts Lily.
  10. An alternate timeline in which the Academy seemingly does not exist and the world has ended.
  11. An alternate timeline very similar to the canon timeline save for the exception of several students (Ryuu, Carmen, Sharada, Darwin, and Crash).
  12. An alternate timeline in which Apophis is permitted to initiate his Global Biohazard Effect plan.

Link to the Past Future Timeline

Several members of the roleplay created a fanfiction Athalia roleplay set in the future in a dystopian timeline, where the Academy is destroyed, most of its students are killed and those who are left must contend with a world ruled half by Lucifer and half by Macbeth.

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